Xabier Larrucea

Xabier Larrucea selected as keynote speaker at the 25th EuroSPI conference

Xabier Larrucea has been selected as a keynote speaker at the 25th EuroSPI conference . Xabier will talk about software security and security threats in the eHealth sector. Particularly, he will explain the OpenNCP platform supported by the European Commission and which provides a common infrastructure to connect different national Healthcare systems. This kind of systems requires not only a vulnerability based analysis of this infrastructure, but also an analysis of the recently released General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This talk stems from the European Project called SHiELD – European Security in Health Data Exchange (SHiELD). He is also the Organising Local Chair 2018.

The EuroSPI² will be held 5.-7.9.2018, Derio, Spain, at the Tecnalia offices (building 204). The conference programme is available here

The EuroSPI² (European Systems Software and Service Process Improvement and Innovation) initiative has been organised since 1994 in Europe, and it presents and discusses results from systems, software and services process improvement and innovation (SPI) projects in industry and research, focusing on the gained benefits and the criteria for success. This year's event is the 25th of a series of conferences to which international researchers and professionals contribute their lessons learned and share their knowledge as they work towards the next higher level of software management professionalism.

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