TECNALIA's Cybersecurity Team is a leading example of attracting women to the STEM area

SPARTA dedicated the second edition of SPARTA NEWS to the women working in the project. TECNALIA team is mainly composed of women, of all ages.

TECNALIA has a leading international Cybersecurity team which, together with our sectoral experts in the fields of Energy, Industry 4.0, the Automotive Industry and Health and Food, make up multidisciplinary teams with a holistic vision to create solutions from a technological and business perspective. The team is specialized in the development and deployment of cybersecurity technologies, with special emphasis on the deployment of advanced cyberattacks detection technologies in the industrial and health sectors. The Cybersecurity team is currently composed of 42% of women and is focused on the following areas:

  • Security, Safety and Privacy-by-design techniques
  • AI-based Detection of cybersecurity attacks and anomalies
  • Automated Control and protection
  • Cybersecurity Certification and Compliance
  • Continuous Risk Management
  • Blockchain-DLT

SPARTA, re-imagining the way cybersecurity research, innovation, and training are performed in Europe across domains and expertise, from foundations to applications, in academia and industry. TECNALIA expects to increase knowledge and develop cybersecurity solutions, products and services for the identified critical challenges, mainly industrial cybersecurity, secure and fair AI systems, and cyber-ranges. Synergies between experts from various cybersecurity domains (especially automotive, energy and smart grids) will be demonstrated through the piloting activities.

TECNALIA is involved in the Roadmap Design, reporting current research interests and synchronizing to update the roadmap and adapt focus according to the path envisioned in the roadmap. They are also involved in the communication and dissemination activities from the WP12, and in the implementation of the monthly SPARTA workshops to collect the needs from local communities and end-users.

TECNALIA contributes to the CAPE program by bringing their expertise in safety and security assessments as well as risk analysis in complex systems.

In SAFAIR, TECNALIA leads T7.1 “Threat modelling for AI systems” bringing their expertise in AI threat analysis and modelling and collaborates in the demonstration and validation cases.

TECNALIA participates in the establishment of the SPARTA JCCI, with their Cybersecurity laboratories that are part of the RNLI (Spanish Network of Cybersecurity Research Labs) as well as part of the Basque Cybersecurity Research Labs. TECNALIA will collaborate in the clustering of SPARTA activities at Spanish national level.

The second edition of SPARTA NEWS is available here.


This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 830892

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