Tecnalia finishes successfully the MUSA European project

This month, the European project MUSA Secure Multi-cloud Applications coordinated by Tecnalia ends successfully. The project has met very satisfactorily its technological challenges and has developed the first integrated tool suite of Security DevOps for applications whose components use or are deployed in different cloud services.

The MUSA Framework is a set of open source tools that help to tackle the security of the applications in all phases of development, from design to operation, through deployment. The solution is presented in form of a Kanban board (similar to Trello), where the cards are the components of the application and each column of the board executes a different tool.

The most innovative benefits of MUSA Security DevOps Framework for multi-cloud can be summarised in:

  • selection of best CSP to minimize the cyber risks,
  • automatic generation of application Security Service Level Agreement (SLA),
  • continuous monitoring and enforcement of the application Security SLA.

Tecnalia has been in charge of the solution integration and has developed the integrated Modeler and Deployer. The feedback received in the validation of the solution within the use cases of the project has been very positive.

The MUSA tools are all open source and are available at:


And at:


The project has also partially financed the coordination of the Data protection, Security and Privacy in Cloud DPSP Cluster by Tecnalia. The Cluster gathers together 29 EU-funded research projects (€91M) that work on Cloud security and privacy technologies.

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