Traceblock is one of the most completes Blockchain based platform that empowers companies and end users to track and trace their assets lifecycle along an entire supply chain or industrial process. Download brochure here!

What's Traceblock for?

  • Supply chains and segmented generation chains, without a single view of status and events on Raw Materials, Assets, etc.
  • Manual processes, costly claims and lack of evidence in many cases (Who broke the cold? When did the cargo hit?...)
  • Many actors in many supply chains, lack of reliability (the one who sells to you is not reliable, cat for hare... The supermarket will always tell you that the fruit is recent, but in blockchain the farmer writes when he actually picked it).
  • Lack of confidence in the current guarantees of origin and provenance (they are papers/physical certificates) that are "reused" if you have certificates of 10 Tons of a material and another 10 Tons without a certificate or even worse: the "photocopy" of the guarantee of origin and composition is sent to all its clients so that you can sell the same 5T "certified" to several clients because you reuse the certificate.

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