Security in multi-cloud environments Workshop

On 28 February 2018 MUSA will be presented and showcased by TECNALIA as part of the programme of workshops and courses organised by ‘Bizkaia Enpresa Digitala’ (BED).

BED is an initiative by the Department of Economic Development and Competitiveness of the Basque Government within the framework of the Euskadi 2020 Digital Agenda. One of its main objectives is the improvement of business competitiveness through the use of new information and communication technologies, while seeking to contribute to the development of new businesses through training and support to professionals of the new economy.

Enpresa Digitala is primarily aimed at business and professionals, with special emphasis on SMEs that wish to address the application of new ICT in their business processes, as well as towards the entrepreneurs of businesses that imply the intensive and extensive use of Internet.

The aim of the “Security in multi-cloud environments Workshop” is to explain and demonstrate of the MUSA solution, a novel DevOps environment that integrates the necessary tools for the creation and operation of multi-cloud applications taking into account security in all steps.

The MUSA solution makes it easy to identify security risks, automatically obtain the Service Level Agreement of the application, deploy the components in multi-cloud, and monitor them in runtime for the comprehensive assurance of the level of security desired in the application.

MUSA - Secure Multi-cloud Applications is an European Horizon 2020 project coordinated by Tecnalia which successfully ended in December 2017. The project has met very satisfactorily its technological challenges and has developed the first integrated open source tool suite of Security DevOps for applications whose components use or are deployed in different cloud services.

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