Following the successful launch of the SPARTA program, the SAFAIR sub-program (WP7) of SPARTA kicked off on March 10th in the picturesque city of Munich, Germany.

SPARTA (a portmanteau of Strategic Programs for Advanced Research and Technology in Europe) is a new EU-funded Horizon 2020 initiative of over 40 research and development partners formed to re-think the way cybersecurity research is performed in Europe across domains and expertise, from foundations to applications, in academia and industry. The SAFAIR (a short for Secure And FAIR AI systems for citizens) meeting took place at the premises of one of the program partners – TUM, the Technical University of Munich. The program is all about improving the trustworthiness of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by improving its security, privacy and reliability.

The representatives of 7 partners from 5 EU countries - the Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and Thales from France, the University of Namur from Belgium, Vicomtech and Tecnalia from Spain, TUM from Germany and ITTI, a Polish SME – shared the plans for this 3 years program.

The objective was to come up with an action plan for designing and developing tools that will allow to analyse the security of AI, along with the defensive and reactive mechanisms for AI systems and the methods to improve awareness of security and privacy concerns of AI systems. The partners’ ongoing research on performing and counteracting adversarial attacks on AI systems was presented. The notion of explainability of the AI’s decisions was also thoroughly reviewed, as it will be one of the major challenges addressed by SAFAIR, and a key enabler for development of new cybersecurity technologies.. The general direction of the work of the SAFAIR program was reiterated.

We believe that the results will enhance EU capabilities in secure and fair AI systems.

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