Safety Component Composition for Robots


The SafeCC4Robot project aims to create a methodology and tool support for integrating components for robotics ensuring safety at system level. It will enable suppliers’ robotic components to be used at different robot systems while ensuring system will remain safe after the composition.

The focus is in achieving two main goals:

  • Develop and integrate safety methodological guidance within RobMoSys tools to ensure functional safety standards compliance from early design phases of the development life cycle.
  • Develop a safe-aware robotics compositional modelling assets and software supported on model-based compositional design, to leverage the reuse opportunities of using RobMoSys tools.

The main eITUS results (safety view and code generators) have been supported by the European Horizon 2020 project RobMoSys . This contribution is RobMoSys conformant .

SafeCC4Robot KoM Presentation, download presentation here.

SafeCC4Robot 2019 brochure, download brochure here.

  • Skills/Topics:

    • Safety Methodology for robotics system integration
    • Safety for robotic systems
    • Robotics
    • Contract-based design for components specification
    • Contract-based safety system validation
    • Component integration validation

RobMoSys Horizon 2020 Project second open call for experiments proposals (RobMoSys-2FORC)

Our Role
TECNALIA is the only ITP project participant.