RECOMP - Reduced Certification Costs for Trusted Multi-core Platforms


The proposed RECOMP (Reduced certification cost for trusted multi-core platforms) research project establishes methods, tools and platforms for enabling cost-efficient certification and re-certification of safety-critical systems and mixed-criticality systems, i.e. systems containing safety-critical and non-safety-critical components. RECOMP provides reference designs and platform architectures together with the required design methods and tools for achieving cost-effective certification and re-certification of mixed-criticality, component based, multi-core systems. The aim of RECOMP is to define a European standard reference technology for mixed-criticality multi-core systems supported by the European tool vendors participating in RECOMP. The RECOMP project will bring clear benefits in terms of cross-domain implementations of mixed-criticality systems in all domains addressed by project participants: automotive systems, aerospace systems, industrial control systems, lifts and transportation systems. RECOMP thus provide solutions that will allow European industry to increase its market share in the growing market of mixedcriticality systems.
  • Skills/Topics:

    • certification
    • multi.core platforms
    • cost-efficiency
1 (Coordinator) Kone Oyj
2 Metso Automation Inc.
3 Space System Finland
4 Helsinki University of Technology TKK
5 Brno University of Technology
6 Camea Ltd.
7 Technische Universitaet Braunschweig
8 Aalborg University
9 Integrasys S.A.
10 Seven Solutions S.L.
11 University of Granada
12 Infineon technologies
13 WITTENSTEIN aerospace & simulation LTD
14 PAJ Systemteknik
15 Symtavision GmbH
16 Fortiss GmbH
17 Åbo Akademi University
18 Technical University of Denmark
19 Danfoss Drives A/S
20 MCI
University of Southern Denmark
22 Honeywell
23 Delphi Germany
24 Delphi France
25 EADS Innovation Works EADS-IW Germany
26 EB Automotive GmbH EBA Germany
27 Spinet Oy Spinet Finland
28 TÜV SÜD Automotive GmbH
29 Polytechnic Institute of Porto ISEP
32 Thales
33 SYSGO s.r.o.
34 PSA Peugeot Citroën
35 Validas AG
37 Thales Research & Technology
38 Intel Shannon Ltd.
39 Especialidades Electricas S.A.ESPELSA
40 EADS Def


Our Role
The main focus of ESI-TECNALIA has been on definition of safety assessment process and deployment of supporting tools. The goal is the definition of a cross-domain framework for product certification, supporting the new MPSoCs architectures. As previous step, TECNALIA has participated on the analysis and categorization of the safety requirements based on functional system view and requirement elicitation. It has been developed and enhanced the required tool for support the assessment process, specifically, model-assisted safety-case construction of the platform instantiations/application specific products and reuse of V&V for new and derived variants of component and products. TECNALIA has also contributed to the aerospace demonstration pilot, regarding the “sense and avoid” function in UAVs.