OPENCOSS - Open Platform for EvolutioNary Certification of Safety-critical Systems


OPENCOSS will devise a common certification framework that spans different vertical markets for railway, avionics and automotive industries, and establish an open-source safety certification infrastructure. The strategy is to focus on a compositional and evolutionary certification approach with the capability to reuse safety arguments, safety evidence, and contextual information about system components, in a way that makes certification more cost effective, precise, and scalable. OPENCOSS will define a common certification language by unifying the requirements and terminology of different industries and building a common approach to certification activities. A fully-fledged tool infrastructure will be developed for managing certification information and performing safety assurance activities. The infrastructure will be realised as a tightly integrated solution, supporting interoperability with existing development and assurance tools. Within this infrastructure, systematic and auditable processes will be developed to reduce uncertainty and (re)certification costs. To have long-lasting industrial impact, we will pursue standardisation of the conceptual framework and the open-source tool infrastructure resulting from the project.
  • Skills/Topics:

    • safety
    • certification
    • critical systems
    • automotive
    • ISO 26262
    • railway
    • avionics
    • DO254
    • DO178
Tecnalia Research & Innovation (Spain) (Coordinator)
Alstom Transport (France)
RINA Services SpA (Italy)
AdaCore (France)
Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands)
Parasoft SA (Poland)
Intecs (Italy)
Simula Research Laboratory (Norway)
ikv++ technologies ag (Germany)
ATEGO France (France)
INSPEARIT France (France)
HPDahle (Norway)
University of York (UK)
Centro Ricerche Fiat S.C.p.A.(Italy)
THALES Avionics (France)


Our Role
In general, TECNALIA competencies are on effective engineering of SoA solutions, business process modelling, simulation and IT support tools, embedded systems development processes and tools, model-driven design and reuse through software product-line approach, dynamic reconfiguration and interoperability, open systems interoperability and standards, COTS integration management and integrated quality, quality of service, certification of products and processes, built-in security, risk and vulnerability analysis and trustability models.Within this project, Tecnalia contribute with the whole European Project coordination. Tecnalia is also involved on leading different workpackages: WP2 (Architecture) and WP1 (Project Management). Services of assessment under IEC 61508, CENELEC (EN-50126/8/9), Automotive SPICE and CMMI (+SAFE) models. Model-driven engineering and safety critical assurance methods and tools background. Community building of open source for OPENCOSS, as a member of Eclipse. Standardization of CCL, push adoption process as platform board member of OMG.