PoSeID-on - Protection and control of Secured Information by means of a privacy enhanced Dashboard

Digital technologies are powering a whole new era of collaboration and data sharing with platform-based business models at the heart of it all. In this scenario, public agencies can create the ecosystem where agencies act with other public organizations, businesses, NGOs and citizens themselves to reinvent the delivery of services (and related goods). While the technology it is not an issue anymore to create an ecosystem platform which can deliver a significant and measurable value to citizen and customers and the whole community, many are the obstacles to be overcome: regulation compliancy, individuals and organizations trust, investment size, standardizations most of which are related to PII (Personal Identifiable Information).

PoSeID-on is aimed at developing a novel Privacy Enhancing Dashboard for personal data protection supporting the pillars of the new EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with regards to digital security, that will be implemented within a single, integrated tool, adopting blockchain and smart contracts technology. It will provide targeted benefits for final end users by enabling data protection by design and by default. In particular, the project will deliver an easily accessible and simple privacy enhancing dashboard useful for monitoring, keeping track record, and controlling all aspects related to data subjects personal data, privacy settings, eventually deciding to authorize/un-authorize personal data transfers.

Thus, the primary aim of PoSeID-on is empowering data subjects in having a concise, transparent, intelligible and ease access, as well as tracking, control and management of their personal data processed by public and private organizations, acting as data controllers and/or data providers. They will be able to make conscious decisions on who can process their own data based on data controller trustworthiness, enabling or revoking permissions, asking for definitely remove their personal data or restricting the data to be shared following the data minimisation principle. A risk management framework will be integrated into the privacy enhancing dashboard.

As secondary aim, PoSeID-on will support the compliance of technological services and products with the GDPR regarding personal data, by integrating advanced ICT-based tools within a replicable and scalable frame, which can be implemented within a broad spectrum of products and services. Moreover, personal data exchanges across data subjects and different organisations (public & private) or among organizations in case of involved third parties will take place in a secure and privacy-compliant way, generating benefits thanks to the adoption of more streamlined procedures.

Collaborating Companies and Organisations

Ten participants from seven European countries constitute the PoSeID-on Consortium combining Public Administrations (Italian Ministero dell’Economia e delle Finanze, Austrian Ministry of Finance as linked third party of BRZ, Santander city), large industry (Accenture, Softeam, PNO with its Italian linked third party being part of the same group called CTECH), two SMEs (E-lex and JIBE), a private/public IT provider (Austrian Federal Computing Centre), a research centre (Tecnalia) and a University (Coimbra University).

Tecnalia’s Role

TECNALIA will act as distributed ledger/Blockchain and smart contracts technology provider by leading the design, development and integration of Blockchain related PoSeID-on solution. Tecnalia will also support the implementation of Santander pilot.

More information

This project, under reference nº H2020-786713, has been financed by the European Commission under the H2020 program.

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