PDP4E Methods and Tools for GDPR Compliance through Privacy and Data Protection Engineering

PDP4E is an innovation action that intends to endow software and system engineers with methods and software tools to systematically apply data protection principles in the projects they carry out and have the products they create comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), thus bringing the principles of Privacy and Data Protection (PDP1) to practice. For that aim, PDP4E will introduce well-known, state-of-the-art data protection methods and techniques into the everyday activities and mainstream toolsusually applied by engineers in their habitual work.

PDP4E includes 8 partners and has a 33-month duration. An open Alliance for Privacy and Data Protection Engineering is planned as a follow-up of the project, building on that community and the synergies among partners.

TECNALIA brings its expertise with the development of the background tool OpenCert (and the associated methods), and the Assurance discipline (with some interactions with Requirements Engineering with respect to formal properties), as well as its collaboration in the background tool MUSA DST and the Risk Management discipline. It also addresses the smart grid domain.

From January 22th to 25th all the partners participated in the General Assembly of PDP4E action. The three days duration meeting was held at Tecnalia premises in Bilbao.

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