On Multi-cloud Secure Applications

Currently, the most challenging applications in heterogeneous cloud ecosystems are those that are able to maximize the benefits of the combination of the cloud resources in use: multi-cloud applications.

Multi-cloud application solutions have to deal with the security of the individual components as well as with the overall application security including the communications and the data flow between the components. Even if each of the cloud service providers offers own security controls, the multi-cloud application has to ensure integrated security across the whole composition. Therefore, the overall security depends on the security properties of the application components, which in turn depend on the security properties offered by the cloud resources they exploit. Consequently, the whole multi-cloud application may be not sufficiently safe.

In order to overcome this issue, MUSA project works on the definition and development of a security framework that includes: a) security-by-design mechanisms to allow application self-protection at runtime, and b) methods and tools for the integrated security assurance in both the engineering and operation of multi-cloud applications.

TECNALIA coordinates and is technical manager of this 3 years H2020 project which will receive EC funding of M 3,5 € approximately. In the project we work with a 7 partners: CA Technologies (Spain, UK and Poland), Lufthansa Systems (Germany), CERICT (Italy), Montimage (France), AIMES (UK) and Tampere University of Technology (Finland). The initial project outcomes are already available at the MUSA Website.

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