1st Procurement & Supply Chain BLOCKCHAIN

In October 2018, EIPM, TECNALIA and Achaz will team up to organise a Hackathon which targets to solve, thanks to Blockchain technology, a Procurement/Supply Chain issue you face in your organisation.


At the end of this Hackathon, the competing teams will present to the sponsor company how its use case can be designed in a Blockchain environment: definition of assets, creation of smart contracts, interactions of actors, type transactions, etc.

The most efficient teams will build up a Proof of Concept, with live transactions, in a “draft” environment.


Teams The teams will comprise students with Blockchain skills together with students in procurement / supply chain.

The students with blockchain skills will lead the technical choices and code, while the others are in charge of the functional side of the Proof of Concept and restitution to the sponsor company.

Students will be selected by the organisers after close scrutiny and an interview process.

Students must be ready to participate in mixed teams and to work hard on a real use case, to bring an effective solution to the sponsor company, in a learning and fun environment.

Sponsor Company

The sponsor company can be any company that is willing to solve a specific issue of its procurement or supply chain function during a special event and in an environment where competing teams, sponsor company and organisers challenge and support each other to build and learn.

You want to become a sponsor company or to form a student team?

Please send an email to: Juan.Garate ( a ) tecnalia.com

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